HUGE Merlot Temecula Wine Tasting

Average Joe attempts a HUGE Merlot Temecula Wine Tasting. We included South Coast Winery, Falkner Winery and Oak Mountain Winery Merlots. This contest to be a nail bitter. Check it out to learn what type of Temecula Merlot that most average joes like best.

Chef Cody Cooking with Temecula Hills Wines

Chef Cody for the Manhattan Catering prepares Steak Diana, Citrus Sorbet and “Death by Chocolate” dessert for guests of Valerie Andrews, owner of Temecula Hills Winery in Temecula California.

Average Joe Throws Temecula Wine Tasting Party for Talking Frog

Average Joe throws a party for a Talking Frog ! ! ! This Talking Frog, from Briar Rose Winery, is a sparkling Viognier that average joe’s friends find is the life of the party. WOW ! ! ! Make sure you visit Briar Rose Winery next time you are doing Temecula Wine Tasting.

Awesome Viognier for hot sunny California February afternoons

Average Joe and all my average friends like a nice light crisp Temecula wine when we are chilling on hot California February days. We were lucky enough to be introduced to this special Temecula Hills Viognier by Chef Mike.

Should average joes spend twice as much for the same Chenin Blanc wine?

QUESTION: Should we pay extra for the more expensive wine? Average Joe brings his friends together for a Chenin Blanc head 2 head Temecula wine tasting between Marice Car’rie at $12.95 and Keyways at $20.

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Cougar 2009 Monte’s Blush

Cougar 2009 Monte’s Blush is a dry blush from Montepulciano grapes. Cougar describes it as follows:
Our “Full Monte” got you embarrassed? Then Monte’s Bush is for you! The 2009 Monte’s Blush has a nose of Strawberries, flavors of ripe plum with a dry smooth crisp finish. Great with spicy foods and spicy friends.


Red Red Wine by UB40

Now, a classic song of English group UB40, the famous red red wine in his version for the TV. Ah, what a tangled web Neil Diamond unwittingly wove when he wrote the song “Red Red Wine” back in ’67. For starters, it was a pretty un-Diamondlike tune, something borne out by what happened after Neil’s own raspy-throated version came out in ’68. For reasons unknown, Jamaican rocksteady master Tony Tribe latched onto the song and gave it a reggae spin in 1969. That single nicked the UK charts before vanishing, presumably into the mists of eternity. A young British band named UB40, scouting songs for its 1983 disc Labour of Love, thought it’d stumbled upon an obscure killer of a track when it unearthed Tribe’s version. The group had no inkling until much later that the tune was from the Neil Diamond catalogue.


Spill The Wine by War

Best song about wine every written. Please note your favorite in the comment field.


Wine Library TV Tastes Temecula Wine

Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV tastes 3 wines from the emerging Temecula region of Southern California.


LeAnn Rimes – Good Friends & A Glass of Wine

A music video by LeAnn Rimes that is perfect for kicking back with friends.


“Bring Your Own Wine” video

Party video for drinking wine. What a fun and inspiring way to meet Maclovia, all the way from Belgium! The wine seemed excellent, the´╗┐ music so dansable, Maclovia s looks sooo cute.. I ll bring my own wine anytime.. Cheers!


Falkner 2007 Viognier

Another trip with Average Joe to the Temecula wineries. This time he visits Falkner Winery to taste their very popular 2007 Viognier. Don’t miss this Temecula wine tasting trip!