HUGE Merlot Temecula Wine Tasting

Average Joe attempts a HUGE Merlot Temecula Wine Tasting. We included South Coast Winery, Falkner Winery and Oak Mountain Winery Merlots. This contest to be a nail bitter. Check it out to learn what type of Temecula Merlot that most average joes like best.

Chef Cody Cooking with Temecula Hills Wines

Chef Cody for the Manhattan Catering prepares Steak Diana, Citrus Sorbet and “Death by Chocolate” dessert for guests of Valerie Andrews, owner of Temecula Hills Winery in Temecula California.

Average Joe Throws Temecula Wine Tasting Party for Talking Frog

Average Joe throws a party for a Talking Frog ! ! ! This Talking Frog, from Briar Rose Winery, is a sparkling Viognier that average joe’s friends find is the life of the party. WOW ! ! ! Make sure you visit Briar Rose Winery next time you are doing Temecula Wine Tasting.

Awesome Viognier for hot sunny California February afternoons

Average Joe and all my average friends like a nice light crisp Temecula wine when we are chilling on hot California February days. We were lucky enough to be introduced to this special Temecula Hills Viognier by Chef Mike.

Should average joes spend twice as much for the same Chenin Blanc wine?

QUESTION: Should we pay extra for the more expensive wine? Average Joe brings his friends together for a Chenin Blanc head 2 head Temecula wine tasting between Marice Car’rie at $12.95 and Keyways at $20.

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Italian Varietals Abound in Temecula Wine Country – Part I

When you think of Italian wine the varietals that most likely come to mind first might be Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, Super Tuscan Sangiovese and basket wines (Chianti). With over 2,000 Italian grape varietals identified, there are so many other Italian varietals that are becoming available in the United States and Temecula Wine Country is starting to take notice and plant them.


Italian Varietals Abound in Temecula Wine Country – Part II

Today’s article is about a misunderstood grape varietal, again from Italy. Montepulciano is often confused with Sangiovese. There is a town in Italy with the same name, Montepulciano, that is famous for a wine called Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Well, the wine name translates to the “Nobel Wine of Montepulciano”. The confusion stems from the fact that the wine is also 100% Sangiovese grape varietal. The Montepulciano grape does not even grow near the town, but in the Tuscan region of Italy. Specifically Montepuliciano grows in the Abruzzo region of east central Italy.


Italian Varietals Abound in Temecula Wine Country – Part III

Today’s article is about a wonderful fruity grape varietal Malvasia Bianca, again from Italy. Malvasia is genetically the same as the more commonly known Muscat Canelli or Muscat Blanc grape. Styles of this wine can vary from lightweight to full-flavored, dry to sweet, low to high alcohol. It is sometimes made as a sparkling wine.

Gourmet Cooking

Choosing and Using Kitchen Cultery Knives — MAC & ME Cooking Show

Chef Michael Allan Cragg starts at the beginning by demonstrating how to choose and use the most important tool in any kitchen — your kitchen cutlery KNIVES!!!

Gourmet Cooking

MAC & Me Gourmet Cooking Show — Coconut Shrimp

Mac & Me Online Cooking Show presents easy step by step instructions on how to cook Gourmet dishes. In this episode, Chef Mac will show you how to cook Coconut Shrimp from scratch — a relatively fast appetizer or entree.


“Broaden Your Taste” Music Video

Leonesse Cellars Winery host, Joel Reese, sings about the Rhone Varietals in an effort to encourage a broadening of tastes from the usual Chardonnay and Pinot Noir!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Average Joe reviews Keyway’s 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

The Average Joe crew returns of Temecula wineries to enjoy tasting Keyway’s big hearty Cabernet Sauvignon wine. Unfortunately, we missed including it with our steak but we still enjoyed it with our friends. We highly recommend it next time you fire up a steak ! ! !