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Chicken Cannelloni

Chef Mike visited Falkner Winery’s Pinnacle Restaurant’s Executive Chef Gianni to learn his secrets about making the highly popular Chicken Cannelloni. This easy to make Italian Gourmet dish will impress all your guests.

Gourmet Chocolate Chocolate Brownie

MAC and ME Gourmet Cooking Show visits Falkner Winery in the Temecula Valley to learn the secrets of Falkner Winery’s highly popular Chocolate Chocolate Brownie. Check out Chef Mike and Chef Gianni of the Pinnacle Restaurant in this quick video. Your guests will be glad you did.

How to make Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Want to impress your friends. Make the gourmet appetizer Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus just like the Temecula Valley Falkner Winery restaurant The Pinnacle serves. Not only does will it impress but it tastes wonderful!!!

How to make Bananas Foster

Ready for a fire licking good dessert? Check out this video that shows you step by step how to create the crowd pleasing Bananas Foster dessert. It will impress everyone as the flames explode over your cooking pan.

Average Joe gets Popcorned by his Average Friends.

Average Joe does a Temecula Popcorn tasting contest with Oak Mountain Winery’s flavored Avacado Oils — Avocado known for better health qualities than even Olive Oil.

How to Cook and Break Down Live Lobster

MAC and ME Cooking Show takes on a task that most home chefs fear — that of using Live Lobster in their cooking. This episode demonstrates how to hold, prepare, cook and break down a LIVE LOBSTER so that you can use this tasty meat in your home cooking

Lobster Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette Dressing

MAC and ME Cooking Show walks you through the process of making a Lobster Salad with a tasty Blood Orange Vinaigrette dressing.

Choosing and Using Kitchen Cultery Knives — MAC & ME Cooking Show

Chef Michael Allan Cragg starts at the beginning by demonstrating how to choose and use the most important tool in any kitchen — your kitchen cutlery KNIVES!!!

MAC & Me Gourmet Cooking Show — Coconut Shrimp

Mac & Me Online Cooking Show presents easy step by step instructions on how to cook Gourmet dishes. In this episode, Chef Mac will show you how to cook Coconut Shrimp from scratch — a relatively fast appetizer or entree.